Welcome to Homeschooling Humans! I'm Laura, mom to twin boys (and one big dog). We've been secular homeschoolers since 2020, and I'm so happy you've found this page.

I started my blogging life in 2014 when I created Sunny Day Family, a lifestyle blog dedicated to helping families make life easier. If you've never visited there, be sure to hop over and find all kinds of goodies including:

I started Sunny Day Family when my boys were just toddlers, and you'll find advice and activities for those early years of parenting, and lessons that I learned from our time as a public school family. I'll continue to share fun ideas and printables for families of all kinds there.

Like many people, COVID drew us to homeschooling, and we discovered that it is the best fit for our family. Once I realized that this was a long term commitment for us, I threw myself into learning everything that I could about home education. I'll be honest: I had once believed that homeschooling was just something people did for religious reasons. To discover a whole world of secular homeschooling was eye opening and transformative. I found a vibrant community, more resources than I could imagine, and a wealth of knowledge from experienced homeschoolers.

I spent countless hours (and more money than I'd like to admit) reading books, researching curriculum, and exploring resources. I made gorgeous lesson plans that we scrapped within a week or two. I printed pages and pages of curriculum only to toss them in the recycle bin. I carefully curated book stacks that collected dust on the shelf.

Sounds just like the person you want to take advice from, right? 

To be honest, all these stops and starts taught me the most valuable lesson of all: what works for someone else will not necessarily work for you. And finding that just right resource takes a lot of time and luck.

Which brings me to Homeschooling Humans. I wanted to take the work I've done researching and learning and give YOU a head start on finding what works for YOUR homeschool. I won't be just sharing what we like or what works for us. I'll continue to read, research, and share curriculum, books, and advice that will help you find your perfect blend.

Homeschooling Humans will focus on the upper elementary grades and beyond. I've found that there are abundant resources for early childhood, including those on Sunny Day Family, which have been used by preschool and early elementary teachers for years. I've found that there is a definite lack of attention given to secular homeschooling of older kids, and this where I plan to focus.

As secular homeschoolers, I'm also dedicated to sharing resources that are intended to follow science, teach real history, and provide both mirrors and windows to our diverse world. 

We are inclusive homeschoolers, who value the diversity of cultures, worldviews, and the vast spectrum of humans that we share our world with. I also recognize that I'm not perfect, and I will make mistakes. I welcome constructive comments and corrections, but will not engage in bullying of any kind.

Are you ready to join me as we homeschool the kind, innovative, and creative humans in our lives? Let's go!