Do a Mid Year Homeschool Checkup with FREE Printable Notes

January 04, 2024

How to do a midyear homeschool checkup with step by step questions to ask. Includes free notebook pages!

We've turned a page in the calendar and before you know it we've officially hit the midpoint of the school year. Time sure does fly when you're knee-deep in the day to day highs and low of homeschool.

Now that we're at this halfway mark, it's the perfect time for a friendly mid-year check-in. This is where we can take stock of what's been working like a charm, what needs a little tweaking, and most importantly, give ourselves a virtual high-five for making it this far!

How to Do a Mid Year Homeschool Checkup

Celebrate Every Win, Big or Small

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of our mid-year reflections, let's take a moment to celebrate. Go ahead, pat yourself on the back, and gather the family around for a little victory dance. Homeschooling is a journey, and guess what? You're doing an amazing job! Reflect on those "AHA" moments – the breakthroughs and the "got it!" lightbulb moments. Share these victories with your kids, both big and small. After all, every win deserves its moment in the spotlight.

Mid Year Checkup Steps

Now, let's get down to the heart of the matter. It's time for our mid-year homeschool checkup, and here are some friendly questions to guide our reflection. Before you get started, be sure to grab my FREE printable Homeschool Checkup planning pages. 

Simply enter your information below to get the printable delivered right to your email, and you'll have a place to record all your thoughts and inspirations as you think through the questions.

Ready to get started? Let's do this!

1. Tackle Challenges Together

Identifying Roadblocks: Are there any ongoing challenges or roadblocks that have been persistently showing up on your homeschooling radar? Let's jot them down and acknowledge that every challenge is just a stepping stone to success.

Teamwork Solutions: How can we team up as a family to overcome these hurdles? Sometimes, a fresh perspective or collaborative brainstorming session can unearth creative solutions. Give your kids the opportunity to weigh in on what they think is working and what is not. Their answers may surprise you!

2. Spice Up the Routine

Routine Assessment: Let's take a closer look at our daily or weekly routine. Is it still as effective and engaging as it was at the beginning of the year, or could it use a sprinkle of excitement?

Creative Adjustments: What fun tweaks can we make to inject a bit of zest into our routine? Maybe a themed day, a surprise activity, or even a change of scenery could make a world of difference. Think about ways you can incorporate surprise into your daily rhythm to make your homeschool feel fresh.

3. High-Five to Our Support System

Checking In with Support: How's our homeschool support system holding up? Are the connections with other homeschoolers or communities as vibrant as they could be?

Community Boost: Let's brainstorm ways to amp up our support network. Whether it's joining a local homeschooling group or participating in online forums, a supportive community can be a game-changer.

4. Teaching Styles and Learning Styles:

Syncing Styles: Do my teaching style and my child's learning style still sync up? Our kids are constantly evolving, and so are we. Let's ensure our teaching methods align with their learning preferences.

Fun Adjustments: Any playful adjustments we can make to keep the learning atmosphere harmonious and enjoyable? Perhaps introducing gamified elements or hands-on projects could add an extra layer of excitement.

5. Curriculum: Friend or Foe?

Curriculum Check: Is our current curriculum hitting all the right notes, or has it started to feel a bit like a monotonous tune? You may find that you need a fresh take on a single subject or a complete overhaul. But be cautious about thinking that new curriculum will fix everything - especially when you're on a budget. Try out some samples or free resources before you commit to a change.

Exploring Alternatives: What about exploring some alternative options to bring back the spark? There's a treasure trove of educational resources out there waiting to be discovered. Look at video resources like Ted Ed, Crash Course, or see what options your library has to offer free of charge

6. New Interests on the Horizon:

Discovering Passions: Are there any shiny new interests budding in our little learners? Kids are like sponges, soaking up knowledge and developing new passions. Think of ways that you can engage those passions and connect them to your homeschool lessons.

Nurturing Passions: How can we fan the flames of these newfound interests? Whether it's diving into related books, watching documentaries, or even planning a mini-project, let's nurture these passions.

7. Extra Resources, Please!

Untapped Resources: Are there cool resources waiting to be discovered that could add an extra layer of depth to our homeschooling experience? Field trips, extracurricular activities, or hands-on projects – what's on the wish list?

Planning Adventures: Let's plan some exciting adventures for the upcoming months. Whether it's a virtual museum tour, a nature hike, or a DIY science experiment, these experiences can make learning come alive.

8. Where Could We Use a Boost?

Identifying Needs: Are there any areas where extra support could be a game-changer? Whether it's in a particular subject or an emotional aspect, recognizing these needs is the first step.

Seeking Help: Let's be proactive in seeking out resources or extra help. Whether it's hiring a tutor, outsourcing some subjects to online classes, or accessing educational apps, there's a wealth of support available.

9. Let's Chat, Kiddos:

Communication Check: How's the communication vibe between us and our little scholars? Communication is key to understanding their experiences and making necessary adjustments. Take them out for ice cream and sit down to have an uninterrupted chat about their point of view when it comes to school.

Creating Open Spaces: What can we do to ensure everyone feels heard and understood? Maybe setting up a regular "share and care" session or creating a suggestion box for ideas can foster open communication.

Friendly Reminder: It's All About Growth

As we journey through this mid-year assessment, let's keep in mind it's not about being hard on ourselves. This is a chance for growth and an opportunity to fine-tune our homeschooling experience. Think of it as tending to a garden – pruning the things that aren't flourishing and giving extra love to the blooms. We're creating an environment that gives our family the opportunity to be their very best!

Prepping for the Second Half

As we stand at the midpoint, let's embrace the changes, welcome the growth, and gear up for the second half of our homeschooling adventure. It's a journey of discovery, joy, and ongoing success. By taking this friendly mid-year check-in, we're not just navigating academics; we're cultivating an environment that sparks curiosity, nurtures individuality, and fosters a love for learning.

Beyond the Midpoint: More Ideas, More Fun

With the second half of the school year stretching out ahead of us, there's plenty of time for even more adventures. Consider exploring new educational games, experimenting with virtual field trips, or diving into collaborative projects as a family. This mid-year check-in is not just a one-time thing; it's a reminder to keep the excitement alive throughout the entire journey.

Here's to the Rest of the Year!

Here's to the rest of our homeschooling odyssey – may it be filled with laughter, learning, and a whole lot of happy memories! Remember, you're not just homeschooling; you're crafting an experience that resonates with the unique heartbeat of your family. So, let's keep the curiosity alive, celebrate every milestone, and savor the joy that comes with shaping young minds. Happy homeschooling!

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